Application of LED digital display in Film Market

All in one 2019-01-04

                   Now the playback technology used in cinemas is still the traditional multimedia projection technology, that is, projecting images on the white screen through projectors. With the birth of small spacing LED digital display, LED digital display has formally entered the field of indoor application. It is gradually replacing the blank of multimedia projection technology. The potential market space of small spacing LED digital display can be said to be huge, that is to say, it is just around the corner for small spacing LED display to replace traditional projector to enter the film market.

Most of the playback equipment used in cinemas are projection technology. Because the projection system uses the principle of reflection imaging, the distance between the projected light and the center of the screen is different, and the position of the three primary light sources in the projection tube is different. This characteristic makes the projection screen prone to a small amount of pixel defocusing and color edge. In addition, the white screen is used in the movie screen, which reduces the contrast of the picture.

One of the most prominent features of LED display is that it can achieve high brightness. It generally adopts the principle of self-luminescence. Each pixel emits light independently. The difference of position-based imaging is almost zero, and the LED screen can use full-black screen background color to make the image contrast better. Additionally, the self-luminescent feature enables the LED screen to image in a brighter indoor lighting environment. In this way, the hardware requirements for the cinema environment are greatly reduced.

The small spacing LED display can break the limitation of theater playing area by seamless splicing. After the spacing is greatly reduced, the clarity can match the projection technology such as DLP. However, it is not perfect. Compared with the same size of the projection theater, the small spacing LED screen has relatively high cost and relatively large investment in the early stage. At present, the quality of the picture is not up to the "film" level. In addition to breaking through technology and cost, we should also consider how to persuade shooting, late stage, distribution, courtyard line and other links to abandon DLP and choose LED as a whole.

Therefore, it is no longer impossible for small spacing LED display to replace projection system to enter commercial cinemas. With the characteristics of high brightness, seamless and flexibility, small spacing LED display is expected to be applied in indoor commercial projection fields such as private cinemas, entertainment centers, small projection halls, clubs and so on.