Interpretation of Four Core Values of Outdoor Media LED

Since China's reform and opening up, urban development has been changing with each passing day, and all walks of life are flourishing. The LED display industry is one of the beneficiaries.
Outdoor Media LED occupies a relatively large share in the market of LED display applications, accounting for about two layers of the market share. So an important branch of the application market, do you know what the core media value of outdoor Media LED is? The following editor will introduce it to you.

1. The core business circle founds unique spatial value: outdoor LED display mostly locates in landmark buildings, central business circles, traffic arteries and places with dense traffic flow in the core city. With the acceleration of urbanization process, these places have become the main places for the mainstream people to engage in business activities, leisure and entertainment, catering and shopping. Therefore, they have the characteristics of scarcity and core, and become the form of advertising media with marketing value and brand propaganda.

2. High arrival rate, effective coverage of the audience: LED display screen with its large screen area, eye-catching, strong visual impact, a wide range of perspectives and colorful features, with a good visual distance and super-clear screen, coupled with unique spatial advantages, makes the LED display media attract the eyes of urban people. The survey found that the average weekly arrival rate of outdoor LED display media was 61.8%, the average weekly business circle arrival frequency was 3.8, and the average monthly arrival rate was 79.3%. 30% of the audience actively paid attention to outdoor LED display media, and the average single eye stayed for 15.1 seconds. The LED display screen has a relatively stable and repetitive audience, which is conducive to the effective transmission of media information on the LED display screen.

3. Audience recognition helps to transform advertising effect: Outdoor LED display screen can effectively enhance the audience's awareness and attitude towards the brand. For outdoor media, respondents tend to think that the brand of advertising on outdoor LED display screen is a powerful brand and leading brand in various industries. At the same time, LED display advertisement is also very helpful to enhance brand and product impression. 76.1% of the audience affirmed that outdoor LED display advertisement has a greater impact on brand and product impression. The advertisement propaganda of products and the good brand image formed therefrom will play a decisive role in consumers' purchase. After contacting the advertisement of outdoor LED display screen, the audiences' behavior is affected by the advertisement, resulting in follow-up behavior intention. Nearly 20% of them will actively search for relevant information online, 6.7% will directly enter the shop for consultation, 24.7% will try to buy the product, and 37.3% will pass on or discuss relevant product information to others actively, forming a secondary dissemination.

4. High-end audiences, obvious marketing value: In recent years, outdoor LED media operators continue to emerge, but we also see that the level of outdoor LED display media operators is uneven, and in order to maintain the daily operation of the media, regardless of advertising quality and content, has a negative impact on the media image; therefore, in order to further achieve media differentiation and healthy development of the industry. Exhibition, building a good brand image of the media, and focusing on long-term sustainable development and continuous innovation are essential. Some outdoor media have introduced new technologies, such as human-screen interaction and two-dimensional code scanning, to attract consumers to participate in the process of brand communication, thereby enhancing the integrated value of media advertising.

The media value of outdoor LED display should not be limited to the above four aspects. More market value needs to be excavated by LED display manufacturers.