Analysis on the Leasing Market of LED Display Screen in China II

XMOZU 2019-01-25

                   In the process of the development of the LED display industry, the leasing market and the fixing market are not the same, but to a certain extent, due to the influence of technology, technology, policy, market drivers and other factors, the fixing and leasing market also affect each other to a certain extent. For example, in the case of fierce competition in the fixed-screen market and declining profits of display enterprises, the relatively high-profit rental market and its rapidly growing market demand will attract some enterprises specializing in the production of fixed-screen to actively participate in the rental market.

At the beginning of the LED rental screen market in our country, because the display screen is restricted by technology, the development is very slow, and there are not many enterprises involved. In a big way, the development of the rental screen Market in China has always followed the development of the entire LED industry. In the initial stage, the technology of the LED rental screen shows that the weight of a single box is up to 100 kilograms and the thickness is up to 10 centimetres. Such a heavy product is obviously not conducive to the promotion of the market. It can be said that it is a "hard injury" of the rental product. With the progress of technology and technology, LED display products have made considerable progress in installation, structure and material, and the hard injury of leasing products disappears accordingly, thus laying a solid foundation for opening up the market.