Current Situation of LED Rental Display Market in China

XMOZU 2019-01-27

Current Situation of LED Rental Display Market in China

Looking at the track of the development of LED display rental market in China, we will find that the rental screen market has developed rapidly. In addition to the progress of technology, market demand and policy guidance to the market are also very obvious. At present, with the outbreak of "small spacing" in China's LED display industry, the market growth is stable. With the progress of technology, as well as the overall trend towards a better environment, the leasing market is looking forward to a larger and broader space for development. At the same time, as the industry enters the "diversified" development period, display products become more diverse, and enterprises cross-border development in many fields, which has brought a very profound impact on the LED rental screen market.

P3-P5 Rental Screen Mainstream
One of the most significant changes in LED rental screens is "point spacing". With the increasing demand for high-definition display and the progress of LED display technology, manufacturing technology and material level, the point spacing of leased products is also shrinking with the times. From 2008 to 2012, P10 and P16 full-color outdoor display screens are the mainstream products in the rental market, covering 70% of the market share of outdoor LED screens. After 2013, due to the low price innovation of P10 and P8 full-color LED display screens, sales have made a qualitative leap, especially the P10 full-color LED display screen occupies almost 80% of the market. P4.8 leasing products appeared in the industry in 2013. Up to now, outdoor leasing screen has developed to P3-P5-based, more towards P2.0 trend.
With the mass production of P 0.8 small spacing display screen, it seems that the pace of leasing products towards smaller spacing is the trend of the times and the inevitable development of the leasing market.

Diversification and Humanization of Products
Apart from the development of high-definition leasing products, another notable feature is diversity and humanization. The so-called diversity is mainly reflected in the field of LED special-shaped screen and transparent screen. In recent years, many transparent led screen manufacturers engaged in special-shaped modules in the industry, transparent screen production enterprises have increasingly great impact on the rental market. Many manufacturers of special-shaped and transparent screens, such as Ming Xingguang and Yipin Optoelectronics, have launched their own leasing products, which greatly enriches the leasing market and gives consumers more choices. Humanization is mainly reflected in the changes of leasing products themselves. Compared with the leased products in the past, the design and practicability of today's leased products have undergone tremendous changes. The emergence of new materials such as carbon fibers, magnesium alloys and nano-polymers has completely changed the leasing products and played an extremely important role in promoting the development of the leasing market.

At present, a "qualified" leasing product basically has the characteristics of "rapid installation and dis-assembly, rapid inspection, lightweight box".