LED Digital Signage as an Indispensable Organic Whole of Smart City

XMOZU 2019-03-21

                   Undoubtedly, LED Digital Signage will penetrate into all aspects of social life and become an indispensable organic whole in the construction of smart city. The market capacity of the industry will become unimaginably huge. So, in the face of this huge opportunity accompanied by the construction of smart city, how should manufacturers, integrator, industry application developers, and even the entire LED Digital Signage industry, including users, grasp it?

1. Digital label products must be able to integrate with many intelligent applications. Open API is the adhesive.
Integration is the primary condition for digital signboards to play an important role in smart city construction, and provide consumers with the simplest interface entrance. Integration requires not only convenient integration, but also a convenient and comprehensive management process for managers. Only after satisfying this condition can the terminal of digital signage system be fully spread with the construction of smart city.
Of course, simple integration is not enough. Only by having a deeper understanding of the current situation and needs of various industries and providing targeted solutions can we truly meet the industry application needs of smart cities. This is clearly not a job that one or a few vendors can do. Digital tags need to provide powerful APIs and data interfaces for many applications.
To deal with this problem, an open concept of "ecological thinking" has been developed in the industry. It can be said that it opens a window for the application of digital signage in smart cities by handing the application to industry integrator.
Of course, open API is not a verbal matter. The key to attracting enterprises is the users who can pay for their applications. At present, only a few transparent led display manufacturers in the industry have the conditions to open API.

2. Digital signage with Industry Characteristics
Each industry and professional field has a professional system manufacturer, deeply understand the industry, accumulate thousands of industry users. These vendors can use the Digital Signage API to directly integrate powerful digital signage systems into their original system software.

3. Marketization of Content Template
Content problem has always been a difficult problem in digital signage industry, and the application of digital signage in smart cities must also solve the problem of content. Professional people do professional things, and there is no doubt that the introduction of content providers and professional designers can really do a good job of content.

4. 4G Business Promotion
4G is a popular topic nowadays. With the commercialization of 4G, the transmission rate of wireless network has been greatly improved. At the same time, according to experience, the tariff will be significantly reduced, which is of great significance to the construction of smart cities. Basic network is an important foundation for building smart city. The commercial use of 4G can be said to establish a ubiquitous perception network, which creates conditions for smart city to gradually realize network coverage and application service intellectualization, while 4G is also of great significance for digital signage application.

Catalyzed by the concept of intelligent digital signage, digital signage system realizes human-computer interaction functions such as intelligent recognition, data extraction and feedback, passenger flow analysis and so on, which become the standard of high-end applications. The network speed-up brought by 4G makes it possible for these functions to run smoothly. At the same time, in the environment of 4G network, the multi-screen interactive experience between digital tags and mobile terminals such as smart-phones and tablets will be further enhanced, which is ready for the initiative of digital tags in the mobile trend. In fact, intelligent digital signage functions such as intelligent recognition and data analysis have been "cloud" by vendors, while the era of 4G is considered to be the era of big data and cloud computing, so the concept of cloud digital signage has more room to play.

Regardless of the operation process or mode, the commercial use of 4G network will have a subversive impact on the development of digital signboards. The "fast" of mobile 4G is reflected not only in the speed of network construction, but also in the speed of response to the development of smart cities. If we can seize the opportunity of the full development of 4G, digital signboards will further seize the key points closely linked with smart cities, thus seizing the huge market opportunities.

5. Only with an open and cooperative mentality can the market prosper if the interests are shared
In addition, there is a consensus that whether to grasp local resources is the key to the success of digital signage projects, especially in the construction of smart cities led by local governments. Therefore, partners with an open concept in the industrial chain (such as digital label manufacturers and industry integrator to establish a wide range of cooperative relations) will be able to gather more resources, and naturally will be able to reap greater benefits.