The advent of new retail brings opportunities for LED display

XMOZU 2019-03-06

                   The new retail will create an incremental market for the LED display industry.
New retail, through the retail LED display as a display terminal, create scene marketing. That is, through the use of various intelligent means through the use of large data analysis and processing, to influence consumer desire to buy.

Shop window display is an important means of product display and promotion in retail stores
With the rise of new retail, LED transparent screen plays an increasingly important role in commercial retail window, interior decoration, and other fields. As we all know, shop window display is an important means of product display and promotion in retail stores. LED transparent screen has high permeability and other advantages, it will also use this advantage to show beautiful scenes in front of customers.

In the summer of 2018, Mercedes-Benz joined hands with Photoelectric Ice Screen to create a "Ice Screen" coffee shop me café (flash shop) into 42 urban shopping centers in China. One product photoelectric power generation "new retail" for the accumulation of passenger flow has made great contributions.
The ice-screen coffee house me café, a new retail flash marketing model, not only attracts people to stop, but also presents the infinite charm of Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV and GLC SUV from all aspects and the lifestyle they advocate.

Mercedes-Benz joined hands in a creative transparent coffee shop with an ice screen, which combined with 3D to present the wonderful scenery, so that people can enjoy the eye and forget to return.

Mercedes-Benz "Ice Screen" coffee shop me café has completed the integration of "attention, experience, interaction and sharing" in its design. It also produces more commercial value.
In the mall, large LED screen, also because of the new retail, burst out of great magic.

In traditional stores, LCD terminal occupies an important position, but LCD will be limited by size, can not be infinitely enlarged, consumers in the display terminal virtual try on clothes, shoes, the whole body can not get sensory experience. The defect of LCD gives the retail LED display a chance to enter the market. With the emergence of new retail, people's experience of product sales is becoming more and more important, and LED display will occupy an important position in the shopping mall.

New retail will also close the psychological distance between LED display and consumers.
The orientation of new retail is that all behaviors are oriented by consumers' demands and create brand new experience. In the new retail era, every customer can be closely linked with their smart-phones, shopping malls, display screens and other terminals. LED display manufacturers have also reconstructed the relationship between businesses and consumers.