Advantages of Transparent LED Display Cabinet


Transparent LED display cabinet can make the screen as transparent as glass. While maintaining transparency, it can also ensure the color richness and display details of dynamic pictures. Therefore, the transparent  interactive display device can not only allow the user to see the exhibits behind through the screen at close range, but also allow the user to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display screen.

The so-called transparent LED display cabinet, as the name implies, is that the display screen itself has certain penetration. As an information medium, it plays some product information and related pictures. This has greatly increased product attention, especially in some window displays, luxury boutiques, and some high-end retail stores. There is a broad demand for this new product. In store windows, outdoor advertising lights and other fields, transparent screens have penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Not only are high-tech venues such as science and technology museums paying more and more attention to the use of photo-based display methods, but various exhibitions, corporate exhibition halls, etc,which also use photo-played display items as their selling points for publicity planning.

The prominent advantage of the transparent LED display cabinet technology is that it can use the display screen as a carrier to add virtual digital information to the displayed world, blur the boundary between virtual and reality, and provide users with a deeper human-computer interaction experience. This maintains a high degree of agreement with the trend of human-computer interaction in the entire commercial display field. The transparent screen can inadvertently stimulate the audience's visual nerves. Its distinctive theme and novel design make the advertising image more vivid, without any compulsion, and the information content is more easily recognized and accepted by the audience. Because these transparent display products can perfectly combine physical objects and multimedia video content, making the video effect more impactful, so as to achieve the effect of allowing the audience to voluntarily watch advertisements instead of being forced.