Analysis on the Leasing Market of LED Display Screen in China I

XMOZU 2019-01-24

                   LED rental market, as a pillar market that is different from the fixed market, has attracted a large number of display companies in recent years due to the low entry threshold, resulting in fierce market competition. Moreover, due to the implementation of energy-saving and thrifty policies in recent years, the cost budget of large-scale activities has been significantly reduced, and the demand for leased products in the performing arts stage closely related to rental LED screens has been greatly reduced, resulting in a downturn in the market of the rental LED screen. But starting this year, the rental market has obviously recovered. In view of the re-emergence of the "competition between the strong and the weak" in the rental market, the rental products of various display enterprises are constantly innovating. Under the guidance of small spacing, the development of rental screens is more vibrant, and the rental market is unprecedented prosperity.

The Development Stage of LED Display Rental Market in China

The development of the leasing market of the LED display industry in China can be traced back to the beginning of 2000 when a group of transparent led display manufacturers represented by lighthouse took the lead in entering the leasing screen market. Afterwards, under the influence of market demand and policy, the development of the market of rental LED screens, like the fixed market, has gradually developed into one of the most important segments of the LED display industry. From the rise of LED rental screen market to now, it can be roughly summed up into four stages: 2002-2006 belongs to the initial stage, 2007-2010 is a high-speed development period of the rental screen, the rental market is stable in 2011, and the rental industry is in the most competitive stage from 2012 to now.