Small Spacing LED Innovation and Application of LED Digital Signage to New Favourite

XMOZU 2019-03-05
As a brand-new media concept, LED Digital Signage appears in large shopping malls, supermarkets, Hotel lobbies, hotels, cinemas and other public places where people converge. Through large screen terminal display equipment, it can release relevant commercial, financial or entertainment information to people to meet people's audio-visual needs for reasonable instant messaging. The emergence of digital signboards really provides people with higher convenience for travel, and some people call it the "fifth media" after paper media, radio, television and the Internet.

Small Spacing LED Innovation and Application of LED Digital Signage to New Favourite

With the explosive growth of small-spacing LED in the past few years, this year's small-spacing LED will gradually stabilize and enter a steady upward "peaceful development period". Although it is out of the stage of rapid development, it does not mean that small-spacing LED will fall back. On the contrary, because products with smaller pixel density are still facing greater difficulties, major enterprises will gradually pursue it. The pace of products with smaller spacing slowed down, and then turned to a diversified development path.

Combination of Small Spacing LED and Digital Signboard
It is precisely because small spacing LED enterprises will seek to develop in more refined and diversified fields that digital signboards come into people's vision, and at the same time realize the "marriage" between small spacing LED display screen and digital signboards, which undoubtedly pushes digital signboards to the forefront of the display industry again.

In fact, the combination of small spacing LED and digital signboard also represents the integration of technology and application in the display industry. This is not only the continuous technological breakthrough of LED products over the years, but also shows that the high-speed development of technological means can ultimately achieve landing applications, which is also the situation that major enterprises hope to see.

In other words, the rapid development of digital signboards also benefits from the application and promotion of small-spacing LED products, because in the early days, the application of digital signboards was not common, such as on expressways, the earliest use was only made of metal signboards, but now the more common use is to update the digital display screen according to real-time road conditions and weather.

LED Digital Signage can also be used in a wide range of fields.
If we say that the reason why digital tags choose to "marry" with small spacing LED display screen is that the display technology in the field of small spacing LED display is constantly improving and tending to mature. At the same time, combined with the diversity of digital tag application fields, small spacing LED has a huge advantage in brightness, color, seam or resolution. The most important thing is small spacing LED display. Display has greater flexibility, which also makes major enterprises full of confidence in its development.

When the small spacing LED enterprises enter the new year of development, the digital label market is very attractive to the small spacing LED enterprises. Especially when the development of smaller spacing products is facing bottlenecks, the small spacing LED enterprises have to make the decision of enterprise transformation in order to achieve greater development, and the digital label will become the "multi-legged walk" of the small spacing LED enterprises. Important support.

Digital signage has become one of the development fields of small spacing LED enterprise transformation.
On the other hand, the combination of small spacing LED and digital signage has also played a role in promoting digital signage. Because digital signage has experienced "big waves" before, it has never become the "darling" of the display industry. Now, with the re-integration of small spacing LED, the field of digital signage is bound to rekindle the flame of hope.