Application and Characteristics of LED Glass Screen


LED glass screen is a high-end customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to glue the LED (light emitting diode) structure layer between the two layers of glass. According to application requirements, LED can be designed into various different arrangements that customers want. The LED glass display is a kind of bright screen. It is similar to the traditional grille screen and light bar screen structure, with light and transparent characteristics.

Application field

The LED glass screen retains the advantages of the traditional LED display screen, such as easy control, low voltage DC drive, rich color performance after combination, and long service life. At the same time, it is widely used in urban lighting projects and large-screen display systems due to the unique advantages of its application on glass curtain walls. At the same time, it can be used as an indoor display curtain wall and is widely used in large square lighting, stage setting, bars, high-end dance halls, urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, brand chain stores, etc. It not only has the practicality of the LED glass display, but also has certain aesthetics and concealment. Glass curtain wall is a new field. The transparent LED display has opened up a new field of application and has broad market prospects. It is especially suitable for the field of "construction media", catering to the needs of an emerging market and successfully creating a high-quality outdoor media resource.

LED glass screen product features

LED glass has all the characteristics of laminated safety glass. It has the advantages of LED high lighting efficiency, low carbon and energy saving. After perfectly integrating the two characteristics, the LED glass screen presents a transparent texture, a wire-free appearance and  bright light. This high-end glass product is full of sense of technology and futuristic.