The Top Ten Application Areas Of Media LED Are Worth Your Collection(3)


                   6. Theme Park: Build the largest theme park in the world covering 10 square kilometers in Zhuhai. As a result, the South China theme park market represented by OCT, Changlong and Hong Kong Disney will undoubtedly face more intense competition. The construction boom of large theme parks in China has injected tremendous funds into the tourism industry and opened up a huge gold mine for the LED display industry. As a traditional superior product in the field of outdoor display, LED display has become the darling of exhibition and theme park display equipment by virtue of its advantages of high brightness, low power consumption, seamless, long life and arbitrary shape. In recent years, driven by small spacing technology, touch technology, 3D display technology, LED display not only can present more clear and delicate images in the outdoor field, but also realize more abundant interactive functions. It also has good prospects in the application of indoor pavilion, command and dispatch, and LED display screen is expected to become the first choice of large screen display equipment for indoor theme pavilion.

7. Intelligent city: Intelligent city is to use information and communication technology to sense, analyze and integrate the key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to respond intelligently to various needs including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities. Its essence is to use advanced information technology to achieve intelligent management and operation of the city, and then create a better life for the people in the city, and promote the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.
In the field of intelligent city construction, public safety, transportation, people's livelihood and so on are closely related to the use of LED display screen, which will also promote its rapid development and popularization of the market. As an alternative mainstream large screen display technology, small spacing LED display will also play its inherent superiority in display.

8. Video conference: The conference rooms of modern enterprises, especially the large-scale video conference rooms of large-scale enterprises, shoulder not only assume internal functions such as convening meetings and staff training, but also external communication functions such as customer reception and business negotiation. Their design style directly affects the image of enterprises. Therefore, the investment of enterprises will spare no effort and undoubtedly be a typical example of application effect paramountcy. This has formed a highly unified supply and demand relationship with the application and promotion of small spacing LED display screen.

Thanks to the maturity of technology, in recent years, the price of video conferencing has been declining, but for most enterprises, it is still a huge investment. In line with the design concept of "good horse with saddle", the corresponding conference room facilities should be "tall and big". Therefore, video conferencing system display terminal favors small spacing LED display screen, which is not only practical. The inevitability of using demand is also the inevitability of improving the image of enterprises through the improvement of hardware facilities. It is this extreme pursuit that provides an excellent opportunity for small spacing LED display to enter the conference room.