Light Of The Screen Or The Market Will Usher In The Outbreak

XMOZU AIOT inside 2018-04-23

                   Professional experience in LED display industry will find this an interesting phenomenon, previously LED display mostly in pursuit of smaller pitch products, especially indoor LED display field. However, in this year's Guangzhou International LED Exhibition, let's unexpected is that, in addition to a small pitch, the pitch display products has become a big dark horse kill out of momentum, moment by the audience's attention and major the media have reported.

In 2009, the cloud-technology launched China's first micro-card control system, with science and technology to create a large margin rose LED light bar screen market precedent. In 2013, again the first Micro cloud-technology system, launched the world's smallest scanning plate, and constantly optimize and improve the core technology of the screen light bar, led light bar screen this segment continued to mature.

In 2016, the industry's first show in open, large-screen products with a light bar spacing is a sudden counter-attack a small pitch past the limelight? End customers and exhibitors why more and more sought after and favor large-screen light bar spacing product?

In recent years, more and more urban landscape lighting evolved from simple functional lighting to show the aesthetic sense, we can see many large LED screen is building in the heart of the city's most iconic buildings. At the same time, this large LED screen itself is also very fit these shapes landmark, architecture and integration, there is no damage to the aesthetic appearance of the landmark itself. This big screen is the large dot pitch LED light bar screen.

For the outdoor media sector in recent years, the increasingly sought after by advertisers oversized outdoor LED board quality. For example, Beijing Building, Beijing and Shanghai, the East Building of the two large area LED display, outdoor LED media people, its value is self-evident. According to informed sources, the two "Screen King" accounted for almost 90% of Tulip Mega Media (leading outdoor LED screen media operators) of total sales.

According to statistics, the total area of glass walls of modern China has more than 70 million square meters, since the conventional LED display cannot be used in large-area glass curtain wall, making the LED display market in this area has not been fully developed.

As the industry of LED light bar screen micro-innovation, the emergence of hollow design, which greatly improves the permeability and perspective effects light bar screen. The viewer standing over distance when viewing the display screen as if suspended above the glass curtain wall, as transparent as. The transparent rate can be achieved when the glass curtain wall installation, along with price stability and when the product can compete with the traditional LED display, LED light bar screen will usher in even greater market.