LED transparent screen leads to a new form of advertising

YIPLED 2018-12-09

                   Outdoor advertising LED display is a large application market. Traditional outdoor advertisements mainly include outdoor billboards, large lightboxes, posters and outdoor LED screens, which are simple in form, single in content and have some security problems. With the construction of smart cities, some traditional advertising styles are gradually out of date in some areas with functional applications. The transparent LED screen with advanced technology is rising rapidly in the image of the new city and has become the focus of many advertisers.

In addition, the traditional advertising screen is generally opaque, and due to the choice of material and transparent display technology, the general advertising screen of the weight is bigger also, so it will have a large influence on the daylighting for the advertising space and require a high demand of the bearing of the support. The LED display which is dominant in the field of outdoor screens, can run thousands of tens of thousands of square meters, and thus the weight of the display body is easy to go up. LED display beads are bright and easy to cause light pollution. LED transparent screen light transmittance, the thin texture just avoid these by the traditional screen brought many shortcomings. It can be seen that transparent screen shows great market application trend in the advertising application of smart city.


LED transparent screen leads to a new form of advertising presentation, and has been the trend of the current society, and it is in line with the modern "innovation", "personality" and "unique" ideas and the social development. The LED transparent screen has great potential in the future!
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