Great, my LED Digital Display ! LED Digital Display with Arbitrary Bending

All in one 2019-01-06
Flexible LED Digital Display and special soft material with high elasticity can be installed in any shape, with high security, easy to design and install with magnet, without any tools. Dimensions and shapes can be customized.
Conventional LED display screens are mostly flat and rigid structure, so they can only be installed flat, but not bent. For some specific places, some creative curved surface display models made by designers can not be realized; for example, wall arc structure display, stage creative display arch shape display, etc., ordinary screen can not be perfectly displayed.

In order to solve this problem, researchers have recently creatively designed this flexible flexible LED screen, named Flexible LED Display-FULL Flexible, on the basis of conventional LED display screen. Currently, there are five types of spacing, pixel spacing: 3mm/4mm/6mm/6.67mm/10mm.

Product Features:

Flexibility - it's convex, concave, and even distorted.
Thinness - save space to make it slim;
Lightweight - It's lightweight to hang or easy to operate.
Reliability-Flexible LED display with high quality components and strict manufacturing process;
Multifunctional - Used for displaying messages, videos and live performances.


Flexible LED display can be applied in the following fields: TV studio, casino, artworks, buildings, conference rooms, office buildings, halls, retail centers, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, advertising and information display, public facilities, exhibition centers, performance, rental and advertising centers, museums, churches, transportation and public information display systems.