Science fiction! Adidas + YIPLED, join forces to create the biggest brand center

YIPLED 2018-12-05
The largest sports trend landmark in Asia! Adidas teamed up with YIPLED to create the biggest brand center.

Science fiction cool brand center

270°Basketball arena

Football fun time

Adidas Asia Pacific First Brand Center
October 29th, Adidas, the world's leading sports brand, made its debut at the brand center in Nanjing East Road, Shanghai.
With design style of "Stadium Concept", this brand center combines retail store with sports experience and fashion trends. It has a large shopping experience area of 3,703㎡that spans 3 floors, which is the No.1 Adidas brand center in the Asia Pacific region.

Hand in hand, Adidas and YIPLED build the No.1 brand center in the Asia Pacific region

Adidas No.1 brand center in the Asia Pacific region

The newly opened brand center has followed and further upgraded the popular “stadium” concept used by Adidas' brand centers in Fifth Avenue New York and Sanlitun in Beijing, allowing consumers to immerse themselves in sports and constantly break through themselves and improve the quality of life.

YIPLED Smart transparent LED display

Here, consumers feel like in the stadium. the viewing area has a large size of YIPLED smart transparent led screen, which outlines a strong sports atmosphere.
    Besides, In June 2018, Adidas had joined with YIPLED to restart Beijing Sanlitun Brand Center

Adidas Beijing Sanlitun Brand Center
In 2008, Adidas opened its first brand center in Sanlitun, Beijing, which is also the largest Adidas retail store in the world. At the tenth anniversary of opening, June 21st, the brand center was reopened after a new upgrade.
YIPLED Smart transparent LED display
With a 2,350㎡shopping area, the Brand Center combines retail store with creative sports experience. An exclusive viewing area is set up for the World Cup fans on the second floor, with the help of YIPLED smart transparent LED screen, not only the fans on the Taikooli Square can watch the wonderful game, but also the indoor fans can enjoy it. Retail store and creative sports are integrated with exceptional visual effect.
Ten thousands of Adidas Stores explore new retail
    Join YIPLED for online and offline flow fusion
Adidas Brand Center
It’s been commonly recognized nowadays that stores are the key point in the future to open up online and offline retail link scenarios, which can also explain why Adidas still retains a more aggressive pace of opening stores. The company's CEO, Kasper Rorsted, revealed in a communication meeting with Chinese media that Adidas plans to increase the number of Chinese stores from the current 10,000 to 12,000 by 2020.
Marc LeRoux, senior vice president of Adidas brand Greater China , said that for Adidas, the final node of flow bonus should return to its store. One of the understandings on retail space upgrade is that it can be used as an extension from online flow to offline stores.
These brands are also using YIPLED smart Transparent led screen· window new media
Led display and window are the core entrance for new retail online & offline integration and flow direction. YIPLED Smart Transparent LED Screen transforms the glass window into a video advertising space, providing retail brands and consumers with a new way of flow direction and novel interactive experience, which becomes the key carrier for the digital presentation of offline products.
 In the past year, YIPLED Smart Transparent LED Screen has been helped Bank of China, China Telecom, OPPO and other brands to launch new media marketing and online & offline stores integration. In the future, YIPLED will continue to innovate and help partners implement new retail layouts, achieving new growth and outbreaks for global retail brands.