Multimedia Digital Exhibition Hall Technology Display

XMOZU 2019-02-01
Multimedia digital exhibition hall takes multimedia and digital technology as display technology, uses the latest film and television animation technology, combines with unique graphics, digital and multimedia technology, attracts visitors with various novel technologies, and realizes the exhibition hall form of human-computer interaction.

A comprehensive display platform integrating various multimedia exhibition and display systems, including digital sand table, ring curtain/arc curtain/ball curtain hall, greeting ground curtain system, interactive bar, interactive mirror and touch screen, etc.

At the same time, because of the integration of various high-tech technologies, the exhibition hall has great connotation and attraction. Through the combination of video, sound, animation and other media, the background and significance of the exhibition objects are deeply excavated, which brings the audience a sense of visual shock of high-tech and greatly improves the value of the brand.

Multimedia digital include:

Memorial category
The digital exhibition hall of memorial hall is characterized by its distinct theme. It combines various multi-media interactive exhibitions with high-tech audio-optic exhibition methods, leaving a deeper and more direct impression on visitors.

Science Museum
With the latest design concept and display technology, the media display of science and Technology Museum reappears the past history, characters and articles. Through digital exhibition interaction and the most advanced digital content viewing mode, visitors can experience an interesting journey of science and technology and culture as time goes backwards.

Enterprise Library Category
The media display of enterprise library uses high-tech exhibition means and various audio-optic multimedia exhibitions to merge enterprise culture into one digital multimedia exhibition item and digital content exhibition. The digital exhibition hall of interactive enterprise museum with distinct enterprise personality is shaped by novel exhibition idea, super digital content creativity and intelligent scientific and technological means.

Planning Library Category
Planning Museum media display skillfully combines a city's unique regional culture with modern science and technology, and uses innovative digital display means such as interactive multimedia digital exhibition items, planning electronic sand table, holographic projection technology and ring screen display system in many ways to vividly display the city's "past and present" and to imagine the future of the city.