Future Lease Market Prospect

XMOZU 2019-01-30

                   The scale of LED rental screen market is huge, and the future development prospects are immeasurable. All along, video conferencing, large-scale opening ceremony, wedding ceremony, signing ceremony, opening ceremony, star performances, product recommendation, hotel rental and other activities are the main market for rental screens, with a very large scale. In terms of dancing beauty, the global LED stage market has reached 740 million US dollars this year, an increase of 14% over the previous year. It is expected that the growth rate will slow down slightly in the next few years, but it will still maintain the growth trend. By 2020, the scale is expected to increase to $1 billion.

The cake in the rental market is so huge that the entry threshold is not very high. The fierce competition will be a long-term trend. After more than ten years of development, LED rental display has become mature in technology, technology, third-party supporting systems and so on. The leasing market is developing towards standardization of product specifications, high-definition display and intelligent interaction.

Unlike fixed screen, most of the customers of the LED rental screens are renters. The purchase of LED rental screen is not a consumption, but an investment method. By renting the display screen, the renter can recover the cost and then make a profit. Therefore, in order to save costs and create greater value for customers, rental screen manufacturers will probably become one of the important development directions of rental screen products in the future.

At the same time, under the background of the global "artificial intelligence" booming, the construction of "smart city" in full swing, and the continuous surge of new technologies and new energy, the LED display screen is also facing greater innovation and application space, and intellectualization is becoming one of the important trends in the development of the industry. For the LED rental screen, it will no longer be limited to the simple display function, intelligent interactive development, will be more easily favored by the market.

As the LED rental market expands to a broader area, it will become another trend for transparent led screen manufacturers to develop different products for different application fields. Therefore, in the future, the combination of LED rental screen and third-party display devices will form an interactive development mode, which may also become a reality.

It can be predicted that the future LED display rental market products will become more standardized and standardized. The LED display is still customized, but in the "standardization" aspect, the industry has gradually "imperceptibly" formed some "standards", such as the development of the box. In the industry, the box of rental screen used to be bulky, bulky and different in size. There are 500*800,500*1000, but now 500*500 has become the mainstream of rental products.