New retailing will make screen interaction more and more important

XMOZU 2019-03-07

                   Traditional shopping malls display a wide range of goods for consumers to choose. Consumers always make things messy because of touch and manipulation. With the advent of new retail, LED display screen becomes a catalyst for screen interaction. As long as consumers touch lightly, they can complete data matching of goods, virtual fitting of clothes, shoes and so on.

In the future, human-screen interaction will become the trend of the development of LED display.

The advent of new retail brings both opportunities and challenges to LED displays.

The rise of new retail will also change the traditional retail mode. Experience shopping, represented by VR, will increasingly rely on the construction of display terminals.
At present, under the new retail outlet, many industry giants have joined hands to join the retail industry reform in this new era. And transparent led display manufacturers also hope to take advantage of the new retail, to create better visual and shopping experience for customers.

At present, the building of large LED screen as the terminal is superimposed with interactive, big data cloud operation, VR and other technologies. Through the integration of these new technologies, the terminal scenarios under the new retail market in the future will take "design, interaction, experience" as the main demand, graft more cross-border elements into the scene to meet the emotional needs of consumers for personalization and design sense, and enrich diversified experience. Form new business space and atmosphere. To present this beautiful scene, it also tests the quality and function of the transparent led display screen in an all-round way. This requires the optimization and upgrading of LED display technology.

With the advent of the era of "new retail", LED display companies should integrate across borders under the concept of "new retail", adjust their brand strategy, and gather all the advantages of one hundred. LED display will carry the "new retail" express train to move forward.