Overseas Leasing Market is in Good Shape


                   In recent years, due to the fierce competition in the domestic market, more and more display companies are going overseas, and LED rental screen is the "magic weapon" for Chinese display companies to open up the market. Unlike domestic markets, customers in overseas markets, especially European and American leasers, have higher requirements for product appearance details and quality than domestic markets, and pay more attention to brand factors than domestic prices. At present, in the European and American market, the main customers of LED leasing screen are some large end users, such as leasing companies, film and television companies, and many enterprises in the industry, such as ZHOU Ming Science and Technology, Abyson, Lianjian Optoelectronics, Zip Guang, Visual Judge Guangxu, etc., have launched fierce market competition in the middle and high-end leasing market. In order to compete for the overseas leasing market, high-end leasing products of domestic enterprises frequently appear in various overseas exhibitions. However, all exhibitions related to display are not short of the image of Chinese display enterprises, and they will not lack the leasing screen as a "pioneer" in developing overseas markets.

At present, apart from the European and American markets, the demand for LED rental screens in emerging markets in Southeast Asia is also very strong. The markets of India and Russia are also the main battlefields for domestic enterprises. Under the situation of bayonet becoming popular in domestic market for many years, the overseas rental market with broad prospects is very attractive to Chinese LED rental screen enterprises.

Enterprise participation

This is the best and worst time for transparent led display manufacturers engaged in LED rental screen production. Fortunately, any display enterprise can get a share in the rental market. The bad competition in the market is too fierce. After all, after so many years of development, the LED display rental industry has now produced a number of professional display rental manufacturers represented by Rayleigh and Guangxiang. They have great influence in the display rental industry and are well received by consumers, and are in the rental market like a fish in water. At the same time, various display companies listed in the industry, such as Abyson, Liad, Zhouming, are also doing leasing products, and occupy a large market share in this market. For the vast majority of small and medium-sized display companies, this market, which seems to be more profitable than the fixed market and the market scale continues to grow, is not as "mixed up" as imagined. Chaotic competition, policy changes, leasing customer payment cycle, raw materials, labor price increases and many other factors have a significant impact on enterprises.

Overall, there are many display companies that produce leased products in the industry, but few can really do a good job of the products. The reason is that the leased products need to be repeatedly installed, disassembled and transported in the use process. Compared with the fixed screen, the leased products have higher requirements on the appearance design, quality and reliability.