Principles of Small Spacing LED Digital Display

All in one 2019-01-08
The principle of small spacing LED Digital Display is mainly to use small size beads, such as SMD 1515 beads or SMD 1010 beads, to narrow the distance between beads and beads. PCB boards are designed with four or six layers of circuit boards, and the box is made of die-cast aluminium materials. All the designs ensure the quality and stability of LED small spacing display products.

The main features of small spacing display are as follows:

1) Modular unit design; the whole screen is truly "seamless".
Especially when it is used to broadcast news topics or hold videoconferencing, people will not be segmented by stitching. At the same time, when WORD, EXCEL and PPT are often played in the conference room environment of LED Digital Display, they will not be confused by the splitting line and the form separator, thus causing misunderstanding and misjudgment of the content.

2) The color and brightness of the whole screen with small spacing have high consistency and uniformity; and it can be corrected point by point.
It completely avoids the common phenomena of projection fusion, LCD/PDP flat panel splicing, DLP splicing, such as dark angle, dark edge, patching, etc. after a certain period of time. Especially for the "visual" analysis charts, graphics and other "pure background" content in conference display, the small spacing HD LED display scheme has incomparable advantages.

3) Intelligent adjustment from 0 to 1200cd/is supported for the whole screen brightness with small spacing, which is fully adapted to various indoor display environments.

Characteristics of LED beads:

1, 4-PIN RGB package, chip alignment;
2. Using black encapsulated substrate to improve color contrast;
3. The weight of the product is light, and the weight of a single LED is less than 1.0 mg.
4. Full black RGB package can be realized with 25% optical loss.
5. Small size 0.5*0.5 mm RGB package can be realized.
6. The surface of the product is treated with fog, and the screen glows softer.
7. Using silica gel moulding technology to improve the product's temperature resistance, UV resistance and stress resistance. High-quality LED beads with adjustable brightness of 0-1200cd/m2, 160 degree horizontal/vertical ultra-wide viewing angle, low out-of-control rate of the whole screen to one hundred thousand, long service life of 100,000 hours, average trouble-free working time up to 50,000 hours, brightness uniformity not less than 98%, chroma uniformity (+0.003Cx), Cy, with up to 99% light utilization rate, power consumption only Less than half of DLP and LCD, energy saving, environmental protection and easy maintenance.