XMOZU® | Revolutionary Slim Technology For LED Display

XMOZU 2018-04-26
6 year ago, Advanced Hongkong LED display manufacturer-Lighthouse proposed the point of “slim will be mainstream”  refer to LED display. In recent years, big manufacturers in the domestic market try to balance vivid image and slim structure. In Canton Fair 2016, it is clear to see that ultra-slim LED display market will be the new battlefield in the future.

Embarrassed, “lighten’’ just a slogan

Light and slim has been advocated by tremendous of LED display manufacturer for years, however, few screens can reach true slim. Weight is all larger than 10kg, this is the reality of the main LED unit in the market, it is still far from the entrance of the so-called consumer electronics.

“Truck+ Installation team” is a common installation form of traditional LED display, this installation type is continued to nowadays, present an opposite effect to the wish of light-slim appearance. Installation by a single person is preached by most of the LED display manufacturer, Actually, it is rarely organized in actual application.

Delighted, revolutionary “Infinitely  thin”

In Guangzhou LED CHINA 2016, Shenzhen  MOZULED  Technology Co., Ltd released revolutionary  LED display-MOZU, appeals the focus to MOZU LED, which is the low-key and pragmatic enterprise that possess advanced technological design ideas.

Resistant Thin flimsy that over your imagination, this is the first impression of  MOZU, as a consumer-led display, 33mm thickness, and 1.65kg weight, such a revolutionary quality make MOZU sure to be the slimmest LED display in the market; assembled with a black cover and bottom cases, lighten per unit.

Both precise material and advanced technology are vital to manufacturing a flimsy LED display. For better to solve the problem of large space occupied, MOZU is designed as LED light, receiving card, power supply 3 in 1, that is traditional rules broking technology, moreover, it is configured with the world smallest scanning board- Micro, it allows to reduce 70% weight compared with the traditional LED screen. Through years' effect, this ‘mystery technology’ came out and be the foundation of the slim structure.

Future Step in the civilian market

“In the future, You can’t find weight larger than 10kg cabinet in the market’’ehtused a LED display engineer, sounds a little extreme, however, it presents the trends of LED display in a way From outdoor to indoor, unreachable to the application, coming of civilian consumption age is obvious. Most of the LED display can not be defined as consumer electronics till the weight and volume Small enough.

Ultra-slim and moduler design, lighter and smaller will simplify the LED display installation and maintenance, then realizing quick in installation and maintenance by the single person, this is what will characterize as civilian LED display.