Shop window new media advertising is the real outdoor choice of advertisers in the future!


                   Recently, many city outdoor advertisements and high-speed advertisements have been demolished. More than 300 "anti-aircraft guns" have been demolished in Taixing, Jiangsu Province, which has been circulated on the Internet. Although some of them have obtained corresponding permission, they have been demolished without notice.

The risk of outdoor advertisement is very great, especially the highway and the big brand in the city. The risk caused by the influence of policy is huge. It can be said that the big brand has been cleaned up and renovated again and again. Even if some cities have not been affected yet, these risks deserve attention.

Some sensible advertising companies should have such risk awareness. From Hainan, Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan and other cities which were renovated last year, we can see that the future cities will attach great importance to outdoor, whether from the perspective of safety or urban beauty, outdoor traditional media can be said to have no future.

Other outdoor media, such as metro and high-speed rail, belong to monopoly resources. Airport media costs are too high, the performance-price ratio is too poor. Dow flag advertisements belong to static pictures, which can not be batched and digitally managed. Shop window media is expected to become the preferred outdoor media. The value of outdoor advertising of shop window media is being accepted by advertisers and will gradually maximize its value in the future.  As a transparent led screen manufacturer,XMOZU provide transparent LED display, All-in-One display, LED control system & Software.

1. The Value of Window Media Advertising
The value of outdoor media advertising mainly depends on the following points:
Area: More than 100 inches
Location: Adequate flow of people is needed
Dynamics: Triggering Users by Sound and Video
Interaction: Let users participate through interaction between small screen and large screen
Cost-performance ratio: high cost-performance ratio, only 10% of the LED
Cost advantage: The cost of 150 inch window media is about the same as that of a 55 inch color TV.
Quantity Advantage: Every city has enough windows. When pedestrians pass by the street, more than a dozen windows on a street display the same brand, which is enough for users to remember the advertisement.
Outdoor advertising, in essence, is the size of the area is king; everyone knows that the window media use the large window glass idle along the street, which has a large area. At the same time, these glass windows are located in the traffic gathering area of people. As the representative of night media, outdoor advertising on the window will certainly bring to the major entrepreneurs and businessmen with advanced advertising consciousness. With great benefits, the advertisement outside the window has the characteristics of non-selectivity and compulsion, and has functions and values that other advertising media such as newspapers can not match. At present, advertising service is in a period of overall competitiveness of industrialization. With the development of TV, newspapers and magazines, outdoor, Internet and new media, the trend of coexistence of traditional media and new advertising has been formed. Communication, tourism, health, education, finance, insurance, entertainment, catering, real estate, automobile, jewelry, medical treatment, cosmetics and other industries provide high-end all-in-one LED display. Or services can be included in the scope of business cooperation, which is closely related to the audience of medium and high-end window media.

2. The Characteristics of Advertising Outside Shop Windows

1. More traffic

For advertisers, once an advertisement is put on, more people must be able to see it. An advertising picture, elevator advertising only upstairs and downstairs to see a few people, while the window media face far more people than the elevator!

2. Compulsory dissemination of the media screen

Mandatory communication, very effective, advertising outside the window in busy areas, residential areas, is the place people must go through, and vehicles, pedestrians will pass through the screen on both sides of the window will be attracted, according to people's habits, walking generally do not look at mobile phones, so any advertising in the window will stick to the eyes of the audience for more than 10 seconds, with mandatory reading.

3. High repeatability

A 1-kilometer-long street can set up 5-8 window advertising spaces. As long as pedestrians have to see it, the exposure frequency of the advertisement has been greatly increased, and the audience has a deep impression on the content of the advertisement. It is bound to produce a profound memory and recognition in the audience's psychology, so as to generate a better brand awareness of enterprises and products.

4. Low interference of the media screen

Compared with TV, newspaper, radio and outdoor advertising. There is no form of advertising around the window media. Especially in the evening walk, quiet, warm media environment, the use of the owner of the advertising brand has a very strong memory! High-end audience, strong consumption!

5. High exposure

Repeated exposure, repeated emphasis, the longer the duration of advertising, the higher the exposure frequency, the audience will have a deeper impression of the brand. Shop window, as a place that consumers must pass through every day, receives the same advertising information. Repeated emphasis on the same information will inevitably produce profound memory and recognition in the audience's psychology, thus producing better brand recognition for enterprises and products.

6. Exclusive release of the media screen

Compared with traditional media such as TV, radio, newspaper and many outdoor print advertisements and building TV advertisements, there is no form of advertisement around, and most of the interference factors are eliminated. The exclusive information release 24 hours a day makes people have a very strong memory of the advertising brand.

3. Media Advantages of Outside-window Advertising:
1. Higher exposure: Lock pedestrians on both sides of the road, traffic is greater, and exposure is greater.

2. Spread more effectively: In the large window along the street, exquisite advertising pictures can enhance the car owners'attention to advertising, and have a mandatory viewing effect.

3. Cost performance ratio is higher: window media investment is low, budget cost is lower than TV and newspaper media, but can achieve unexpected communication effect.

4. Advertising audience quality is high: those who appear in busy streets are middle and high income groups with the most consumption ability in urban areas;

5. Selectivity and pertinence: According to the advertiser's choice of its advertising audience, window advertisement directly conveys advertising information to the real audience, which has strong selectivity and pertinence. Other media can only convey advertising information to all audiences in a general way, regardless of whether the audience is the target of advertising information.

6. Advertising lasts longer: a 15-second TV advertisement whose message disappears after 15 seconds. Shop window advertising is obviously different. Before the final decision is made by the recipient, the advertisement information can be read repeatedly until the final decision of purchase or abandonment is made.

7. It has the characteristics of forcing audience to read: unlike newspaper and magazine advertisements, window advertisement information directly faces pedestrians and can enter their eyes infinitely, thus affecting their buying behavior.

8. Efficient advertising communication: Before advertising, advertisers can select the target audience by referring to the demographic and geographical factors along the street to ensure that the message of the advertisement is accepted by the target audience to the maximum extent. Average reading frequency is 2 times per day. Advertising information is accurately, centrally and repeatedly directionally disseminated.

9. Digitalization: With the help of digital tools, window media can record the number of broadcasts in detail. This advantage surpasses other outdoor advertising media.