Street media screen will become local self-Media

XMOZU 2019-03-31

                   As a new trend of outdoor advertising media in the 21st century, the future market prospect of LED display is immeasurable. However, while the major LED advertising operators are competing to rise, the existing problems of outdoor advertising are also exposed one by one, in such a market form, forcing the LED outdoor advertising industry to innovate.

1. LED Outdoor Advertising is in an awkward situation
As we all know, the carriers of outdoor advertisements have evolved from posters, light boxes to advertisements, traditional street signs, neon lights, etc. to outdoor LED display screens, which provide a richer form of expression for outdoor advertisements, enhance the publicity effect, and further strengthen the support role of outdoor advertisements for the construction of city image. Especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, media screen gradually occupies the majority of the market share of outdoor advertising.

However, at this stage, the fierce competition makes the profits of LED enterprises low. The improvement of production capacity directly affects the relationship between supply and demand in the market, and price reduction is frequent. According to the research and development of relevant institutions, about 70% of the LED outdoor advertising enterprises are in a loss state, 15% of the enterprises are in a balance of payments, only 15% of the enterprises are profitable, more than 70% of the LED outdoor advertising display screen vacancy rate as high as 70%-80%, making the entire LED outdoor advertising industry in an embarrassing situation.
Wang Tian, co-founder of Qingmei Road and Landscape Design Institution in Beijing, said: "The operating income of outdoor LED display screen is relatively stable in the first-tier cities and is limited by the economic downturn, but we can not be optimistic, because even in the first-tier cities, besides landmark media, the operation of outdoor LED display screen in general areas has declined, income and expenditure are getting closer and closer, and even there is a loss. In the second and third-tier cities, the operating income of LED display screen is even less optimistic.

In addition, Qiu Dongming, Director of the Outdoor Advertising Committee of Shanghai Advertising Association, said, "We now have an LED outdoor advertising display screen, which is about three to six times the annual income of a traditional billboard, that is to say, its content carrying capacity is also three to six times as much." But in fact, the amount of advertising can not match. Ren Qiudong analyzed, "Once information is concentrated, big brands are finished, and they are already full. Small brands may not be able to do it, especially the surrounding brands, as well as the surrounding crowd who have advertising needs, can not do it." It is understood that the average area of the current advertising screen is about 100 to 150 square meters, the price per second is about 9 cents, but even if it is 9 cents, there are still many unsold and vacant, which has become an urgent development problem of LED outdoor advertising.
At present, we are facing new changes in the concept brought about by big data, and LED outdoor advertising will enter a new round of innovation. If LED outdoor advertising can not break through the existing shackles, even if the market is wider, there will always be some enterprises will die out.

2. Media screen Can Help Outdoor Advertising Development
The development of LED outdoor advertising can not be separated from the innovation of LED display technology. In the face of the dilemma of outdoor advertising, as a supplier of products, LED display manufacturers need not only to ensure the quality of products, but also to further optimize and innovate, so that more technologies can be grafted. For example, to achieve the standardized production of LED display components, our screens will play a very good role in transmitting information, especially in the process of building smart cities in the future.

With the innovation and development of transparent screen technology, the LED display can integrate the somatosensory technology, 3D technology and AR technology very well. By mounting the camera, combining somatosensory technology, 3D technology and AR technology, many outdoor LED display screens controlled by joint broadcasting can quickly generate a detailed data report, and through related algorithms can help advertisers put advertisements into the most suitable consumption. People.
It is understood that many manufacturers of outdoor large-screen LED are obviously aware of the trend of integration of traditional media and high-tech, actively using high-tech to rapidly enhance the novelty and expressiveness of outdoor advertising, and have created a variety of interactive ways to attract the attention and participation of audiences, such as Qip Optoelectronics AR Augmented Reality LED Display.

3. How to Break through the Operational Dilemma of LED Outdoor Advertising
In recent years, many outdoor LED screens have fallen into the predicament of operating loss. It is not difficult to find the reasons for operating loss of large screens are as follows: First, under the strong support of the government and the impetus of the market, the market impact brought by the sharp increase in the number of large outdoor LED screens in major cities, whether local operation or nationwide large-scale operation, must face the second investment. Difficult dilemma. For traditional LED advertising screens, even a customer does not have to broadcast all-weather investment advertisements. Moreover, the longer the second investment gap, the greater the loss of profits, which is the problem most large screen operators can not escape; the other is that the operation mode of outdoor advertising is not very reasonable, LED outdoor advertising standardization, can not really achieve a virtuous circle.

In this case, then how should the LED outdoor advertising screens break through the existing business dilemma?

First of all, the precise placement of LED outdoor advertising screens is the main factor affecting the cost of outdoor advertising. "Precision Delivery" has been put forward very early in the industry, but the real market application is still in its infancy. In recent years, urban planning in China has a characteristic, the regional division is clearer and the attributes are clearer. We need to understand that the more detailed the urban functional zoning, the more valuable the precise placement of LED outdoor advertisements. It is far more effective for people to quickly browse relevant information of interest than aimless promotional advertisements. Big data collection and application, continuous updating of digital media technology also provide greater support for precision delivery.

Secondly, it combines the existing technology of LED outdoor display industry with the innovative operation mode of outdoor advertising. Wang Tian, co-founder of Beijing Qingmei Road and Landscape Design Institution, suggested: "We must not only focus on technology, but also on how small the spacing between the points manufactured by the manufacturer. We should open our minds and think of places that can be combined with other fields. For example, through design, I integrate LED into the whole building, or the environment, and become the highlight or landscape spot of the whole environment. "

In the past, we always build screens on landmark buildings. Landmark media should be called landmark media more accurately. As the best outdoor resource, landmark media is favored by many advertisers. It has also become one of the important ways of image propaganda and information dissemination in many regions, cities and even countries. It can be said that there are landmark buildings before the media, according to the radiation range can be divided into regional landmarks, urban landmarks and national landmarks. So we should think about how to make the screen a landmark of the city in the future. Wang Tian gave an example: "For example, the World Trade Scale in Beijing made a sky curtain at that time. When the sky curtain was stirring up, the world trade scale was not famous. On the contrary, the design attracted many people to feel the imitation of the first sky curtain in the past. Later, many cities in China imitated this practice." This shows that the use of existing technology and materials to design and play its advantages, will be a good focus of LED advertising screen.

4. Outdoor LED media screen will become local self-Media
Nowadays, with the rapid growth of mobile internet, various interactive experience technologies are constantly changing, which also makes it possible for outdoor LED media to operate on a platform. For example, the natural connection between the outdoor LED media and mobile terminals (mobile phones) can make the outdoor LED screen become an offline flow gold mine to guide the online platform and form a new flow entrance, which gives the outdoor LED media a richer role in the overall marketing ecosystem.
As an important stage product of digital transformation of outdoor advertising industry, outdoor LED media connects with mobile phone APP through the combination of electronic fence technology and LBS big data. It effectively achieves accurate scene access by pushing advertisements. It uses large data platform based on geographic location information and precise delivery of digital media to reach terminal audience again.

For example, to develop an APP, gather the resources of the outdoor LED advertising screen. Local people can download the APP and send the required publications directly to the platform for filtering through the mobile phone, while the mobile phone connects to pay the wallet, and send me a password after the payment is successful, which can automatically monitor and then send back the broadcast content. In this way, the whole industry can be integrated. Not only big brand customers, even small brand customers, but also passers-by can send an advertisement. Even the "Happy Birthday to a Classmate" message can be displayed on the big screen. Then the LED screen can be interesting and become the local people's outdoor self-media. It is no longer a luxury, but also for Ben. As far as the local businessmen are concerned, they can accurately disseminate the advertising content to the target audience.

It can be predicted that in the near future, street LED screens will become local self-media, which is a trend in the Internet era, and this will also form a new feature of social cohesion of street visual nodes. A large number of pedestrians, residents, shops and restaurants improvised or planned to create multi-advertising content with the theme of the Chinese Dream at any time and anywhere, which will inevitably benefit from the diversity and diversity of form and content, and inject undoubted vitality into the mainstream lifestyle and commercial social values of large brands. GIF Motion Maps, Barrage Screens, and even Small Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be deduced on the streets of large screens, further sublimation and talent discovery. Template content release of real-name system can open up an orderly and promising large-screen management mode for commercial freedom of speech.