The Birth of Small Spacing Leasing Products

XMOZU 2019-01-28

                   In 2016, the explosion of small spacing led to the development of the entire LED display industry, and its impact on the rental market began to emerge. As early as a year or two ago, the possibility of entering the rental market with small spacing has aroused discussion in the industry. However, due to the constraints of technology, technology and market demand, the real small spacing rental products have not appeared in the market. However, with the demand for high-definition displays in video conferencing, boutique conferences and other occasions, small-space rental began to enter people's vision.

As mentioned earlier, leasing products are beginning to move towards the P2 level. Nowadays, some transparent led display manufacturers in the industry have tried to develop P2.0 leasing products, and some enterprises have mass-produced P2.6 high-definition leasing products. With regard to the small-distance leasing market, the industry predicts that the global small-distance leasing market may reach 10 billion yuan in output value in the future.

It is closely related to the market of literary and artistic performances

Although China's rental screen market is developing rapidly and the high, medium and low-end markets are blooming in an all-around way, the main customers of LED rental screen enterprises in China are still some large end-users, such as rental companies, film and television companies, etc. The development of the rental market is closely related to the market of literary and artistic performances. Relevant data show that in April 2006, the China Performing Industry Association released the Annual Report of the Chinese Performing Market 2015, which said that the total economic scale of the Chinese performing market last year was 46.30 billion yuan, down 9.0% compared with 2012. Last year, the box office of China's commercial performance market reached 8.826 billion yuan, down 5.7% from the same period last year. After China's "Entertainment Restriction Ordinance" was issued, the market of literary and artistic performances declined, and at the same time, the domestic LED screen rental market once shrank.

However, this situation is changing. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the report of the Nineteenth National Congress that "socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the main contradictions in our society have been transformed into the contradictions between the people's growing need for a better life and the unbalanced and inadequate development." Quantitative change causes qualitative change. After nearly 40 years of rapid development of reform and opening up, profound changes have taken place in the connotation and denotation of the two main social contradictions in China. Under the new historical conditions, the people's needs have changed from "material and cultural needs" to "good life needs". Under this trend, the stage performance market has obviously recovered this year.