Why do we use LCD splicing screen instead of small spacing LED digital display?

All in one 2019-01-07

                   "I want to install a large screen, which one is good for LCD splicing screen, or LED digital display." Faced with such problems, I can only say that each has its own strengths. LCD splicing screen is generally used indoors, and LED screen is suitable for outdoor or remote viewing.
1. The color saturation of LCD spliced screen is much better than that of LED digital display.
LCD splicing screen uses LCD panel, which can produce more than 16.7M color change through backlight refraction, while LED screen uses a combination of three primary colors based on red, green and blue, and displays different colors through bright change of three primary colors. Often, LED can only display larger and gorgeous images with color gradient, the gradient process of color gradient, light and light colors. When the LED is mixed into one color, it can not clearly show the color difference. Therefore, LCD splicing screen in indoor environment is far better than the image effect of LED.
2. LCD spliced screen has higher definition than LED screen.
LCD spliced screen has a single screen definition of 1920*1080P, which can be cleaned and imaged from far and near, and is perfect; while the LED is usually composed of P6-25MM (that is, the distance between the LED lamp and the lamp is 6mm or 25mm or other specifications), the distance between the LED lamp and the lamp is too large, so the LED products with high definition must be watched about 20m, otherwise the LED seen in close range indoors will be required. The image is mosaic image, which is seriously distorted. When viewing the indoor picture of LED screen at close range, the particle feeling is more obvious. Recently, LED screens have also introduced clearer picture products, but the cost is high.
3. The multi-signal processing and control performance of LCD splicing screen is better than that of LED screen.
LCD spliced screen wall is suitable for customers to access a variety of signal playback and display, and the choice of LED signal input is more stringent, otherwise the image is not good.
4. LCD splicing screen after-sale maintenance to facilitate the LED screen
The LCD splicing screen of connected electronics mainly uses Samsung and LG original splicing screen, which has a long service life. The LED screen is composed of LED beads, and the disadvantage is the most common problem of the LED screen. After-sales maintenance, first LCD splicing screen installation debugging completed, followed by basically retail. If problems arise, direct modular replacement is more convenient. If there are bad points in the LED screen, the problems need to be eliminated in turn, and the amount of after-sales work is large.