Advantages and disadvantages of transparent LED screen VS conventional LED screen

YIPLED 2018-09-28
The LED transparent screen is made up of the display principle of the conventional LED display screen and the structure principle of the shutter. At present, it is mainly used in glass curtain wall, stage dance, commercial exhibition, municipal engineering and other fields. From the perspective of product design and technology, the paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of traditional screen and transparent screen.

1. Structural characteristics

To the conventional LED display, the box is thicker, including the box frame, module and heat dissipation equipment. It is relatively heavy and the appearance is more conventional, and it is not easy to repair.

The LED transparent screen is with simple structure, aluminum structure, transparent PC panel and beautiful appearance. Because the province is fully transparent, there is no need for additional heat sink.

And there is no box accessory layout. The weight of the same area is more than 50% lighter than that of the traditional display.


2. Render display effect

Traditional screen is easy to restore color, and the color adjust-ability is not strong. Especially for small spacing, it is easy to mix colors.
Transparent screen is transparent, bright and gorgeous. The ultra-high refresh rate displays floating pictures. The magic color is attracting people's attention.


3. Installation and after sale maintenance

Traditional screen is with complex structure, heavy quality and installation of steel structure. If it is fixed wall installation, it will damage the wall and have hidden danger of Outdoor installation. Late maintenance also needs special operations.

Transparent screen is transparent and can be installed indoors. The skeleton is full of movable buckle, easy to install and operate. And the accessory module is not welded dead. To the 1/4 module of card and plug module change module, push from the back of module with the hand. You need not remove module and just replace problem unit parts, with simple maintenance and labor saving.


4. Product specificity

The traditional screen is highly resistant and the highest level of protection can be IP67. With the soft glue embedded layout, the minimum spacing can be P0.8 and the display effect can achieve ultra high definition.

Because the lamp beads are bare, and light is weight, the transparent screen’s highest level of protection can reach IP46. Because of the specificity of permeability, the minimum spacing can only achieve P3 with a clear effect.