How to layout LED transparent screens market for LED enterprises?

YIPLED 2018-12-08

                   In recent years, in the domestic LED display market, a new product suddenly arises. The birth of the early stage, it won countless eyeballs, quickly became the favorite of the industry under the spotlight, and also received the unanimous recognition and appreciation of customers. This lucky man is the LED transparent screen. It is slim and beautiful, fashionable and gorgeous, and its birth is really a great innovation of LED screen industry. Yunzhi Technology is committed to the research and development of LED transparent screen products. After many improvements and improvements, it has become a very mature manufacturers in the industry. Let us walk into XMOZU AIOT Group and jointly appreciate the charm of LED transparent screen.


Differentiation and customization

As a segment market of LED display,the transparent screen brings us unprecedented visual experience and new application experience. It also enriches the categories and display modes of LED display products, fills in the blank of LED transparent display field, and provides customers with more choices and possibilities. At present, it has been widely used in glass curtain wall buildings, large shopping malls, sightseeing elevators, 4S stores and various glass Windows and other occasions.

Although in expanding and extending application field, relatively transparent screen outdoor display applications, is still a niche market. Transparent screens at present most walk on the customized line, mainly used to assist clients to finish a project application or leasing application stage, which lets the customer differentiation and customization of all kinds of ideas can be realized.


This characteristic of customization determines that transparent led screen manufacturers must do better in service. In the early stage of product industrial design, enterprises should think from the perspective of customers. How to reduce the cost of purchase and use for customers determines whether customers are willing to cooperate with you. Especially under the current downward trend of international economic situation, the importance of customer experience and service becomes more and more prominent. The companies should strive to achieve the perfection of customer experience and service.