Influence of LED beads on transparent LED display screen (I)

YIPLED 2018-12-08

Transparent LED display screens are very common promotion way in the field of business now. Every day we see it from time to time in the street the letters and the color on the screen. But will there be anyone who thinks about what the transparent LED display screens are made of, what is the key material, or what components they need? In fact, LED bead is the most important component of the transparent LED display screen, which plays an important role and is equivalent to the dragon vein of the transparent LED display screen.


The theoretical duration of LED components is 100,000 hours, much longer than the working life of other components of transparent LED display screens. Therefore, as long as the quality of LED components is guaranteed, the working current is appropriate, the PCB heat dissipation design is reasonable, and the production process of the display screen is rigorous, LED components are one of the most durable components of the whole display screen machine.
LED devices account for 70% of the price of the transparent LED display screen, so LED devices can determine the quality of transparent LED display. China is not only a leading manufacturer of LED devices, but also a gathering place for transparent LED display screen manufacturing.

The high technical requirements of the transparent LED display are the development trend in the future. The high quality requirements of transparent LED display are not only related to the trend of transparent LED display manufacturers, but also related to the development of LED display device manufacturers. Checking LED devices promotes the transformation of China from a major manufacturer of transparent LED screens to a powerful manufacturer of transparent LED screens.

Attenuation characteristic
After working for a long time, the brightness of transparent LED display screen will decline and the color of the screen is inconsistent, which is mainly caused by the brightness attenuation of LED devices. The attenuation of LED brightness will cause the brightness of the whole screen to decrease. Inconsistent brightness attenuation of red, green and blue leds will lead to inconsistent color of the LED display screen, which is often referred to as the phenomenon of spent display screen.
High quality LED devices can well control the brightness attenuation range. According to the standard of lighting 20mA at room temperature of 1000 hours, red attenuation should be less than 2%, blue and green attenuation should be less than 10%, so blue and green transparent LED screen design should try not to use 20mA current, it is best to use only 70% to 80% of the rated current.
In addition to the red, green and blue LED characteristics, attenuation characteristics are also related to the use of current, PCB heat dissipation design, the use of environmental temperature display screen, etc.

The size of LED device affects the pixel distance of the transparent LED display screen, that is, the resolution. The 5mm oval lamp is mainly used for outdoor display screens above P16, and the 3mm oval lamp is mainly used for P12. 5, P12 and P10. 3528 SMD LED is mainly used for indoor display screens of P6 and P8, and 5050 SMD LED is mainly used for P16, P12. 5 and other  semi-outdoor display screens.

Under the premise of constant point spacing, the size of LED devices increases, which can increase the display area and reduce the particle sense. However, as the area of black area decreases, the contrast will be reduced. On the contrary, the size of LED decreases, which reducing the display area, increasing the particle sense, the black area and the contrast.

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