The development of the LED transparent screen

YIPLED 2018-12-10

                   The LED transparent screen has its own characteristics compared with traditional LED screen.

First of all, as a new type of display technology, LED transparent screen is characterized by transparency, which has a transparency rate of 70% to 90%. It is beautiful and generous, and has little impact on the appearance of the original building. When the LED transparent screen is used to play the advertisement content, the rest part does not emit light, but only the content to be played is displayed. This playing method can also reduce light pollution and energy consumption. It is also in line with the energy conservation theme advocated by our country and responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Secondly, transparent led display screen is also easy to assemble and debug, you can use your hands to quickly and easily fix modules on the bracket, and you can also customize the installation. Grooves at the back of the module make connections easier.


Thirdly, it is light and easy to transport. Including all the structure and power supply, the weight per square meter of it is only half of the traditional screen. The thin and light screen not only makes the screen look compact, but also saves transportation and storage costs. Finally, as a transparent LED screen, it also has the characteristics of easy maintenance and update. For example, when an LED lamp is broken, there is no need to replace the whole module, but only a set of light strips. Maintenance is done indoors with high efficiency and low cost. With so many features and advantages of LED transparent screen, it is reasonable to occupy a huge market space in the future.

In the future, let's wait and see where LED transparent screen will go and how high it will develop.