The Transparent LED Wall is the New Cool Techs!

YIPLED 2018-10-29

                   The transparent LED wall is the new cool techs! The potential for future development is limitless.

1.The transparent LED wall is the new cool techs!

The LED glass is also known as a luminescent glass and electrically controlled luminescent glass. It is a high-tech product that embeds LED light source into glass to form various patterns and patterns. It was first invented by Germany and successfully developed in 2006. LED glass is transparent, explosion-proof, waterproof, UV resistant, and can be designed. It is mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sunlight room design and other fields.


The LED glass technology can make the glass surface line invisible, suitable for all kinds of flat and curved glass, which can meet the customer's various design applications. LED glass itself is a kind of safety glass and can be used for building glue glass. It can prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent some infrared rays, and has partial sound insulation function. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications. Because of the energy saving characteristics of LED itself, LED glass is extremely energy efficient, energy saving and environmental friendly.

LED glass is widely used in various design and application areas, such as commercial or furniture interior and exterior decoration, decoration; furniture design; lamp lighting design; interior landscape design; interior shower interval; clinic; door number; emergency only sign design; meeting room partition; interior and exterior curtain wall glass; shop window; counter design; skylight setting Design; ceiling design; sunshine room design; 3C product glass panel applications; indoor and outdoor billboard design; fashionable home accessories; clocks; lamps and other terminal application product design and other broad areas.

2. Is the LED glass the transparent LED wall?

The LED glass and the LED transparent display are highly permeable, without affecting indoor lighting and viewing. It can be used in glass curtain walls and glass windows, playing dynamic full color video and photo promotional information. As a new advertising media, it promotes the development of advertising media industry. Of course, there are also great differences between the LED glass and the transparent LED display and the biggest difference is their appearance. The LED glass is made of glass, which is inlaid with LED beads. The transparent LED display is made of aluminum and LED beads are inlaid on PCB. It can be divided into an LED glass screen and LED lamp screen. The difference between them influences their application fields. The application of transparent LED display is more inclined to commercial building glass curtain wall and chain store glass window and other fields.

In the future, LED glass and transparent LED display may be more closely integrated, thus promoting the display industry's technological innovation. Its future development potential is limitless.