Summarize the Five Values of Outdoor Media LED

XMOZU 2019-04-03
Generally, according to the view of the industry, the outdoor LED large screen media is defined as: located in the commercial center, rail transit, terminal building, city main road and other urban core areas, using LED display technology, large-scale electronic display media with an area of more than 80 square meters. This kind of media LED has the following five values.

1. Spatial Value of High-quality Location Attribute
As an outdoor media, space is an important attribute that can not be erased. High-quality geographical location in the city means high-quality marketing value. The outdoor LED large screen media mostly focus on the characteristics of the core areas of the first-tier cities, which highlights the spatial value of media brought by location attributes.

2. The Value of Media Coverage for the Formation of Space Advantage
Compared with other outdoor media or traditional outdoor advertising billboards, outdoor LED large screen media can attract the active attention of a large number of outdoor people to the greatest extent because of its excellent display effect and shocking visual impact. In addition to the space advantages mentioned above, outdoor media LED has formed the basis of good audience coverage.

3. Marketing Value of High Quality Population
With a more effective audience coverage and reach effect, then the audience will naturally reach the crowd value. As we all know, the characteristics of media coverage are also linked to the marketing value of this media. Outdoor LED large screen media coverage of the crowd with its high knowledge, high vocational, high-quality concentration and characteristics of very clear identification reflects one of its core values.

4. Brand Value Founded by Audience Recognition
Favorable space location, effective audience access and high-quality audience are the three core values of outdoor LED large screen media. In addition, the degree of audience recognition also plays a vital role in the marketing value and development space of media. In this respect, outdoor LED large-screen media has prominent visual advantages, fully guaranteeing the audience's attention to advertising information; at the same time, compared with other outdoor media, its more "atmosphere" image also plays a role in beautifying urban space and image to a certain extent, and is easier to get the audience's approval.

5. the growth value brought by the steadily rising market space
According to the relevant statistical data, from the market composition, outdoor LED large screen media, as a sub-industry of outdoor electronic screen, has steadily increased its share in the overall market, firmly occupying the third place.