How to integrate LED display screen with new retail format?

XMOZU 2019-03-07

                   In the past two years, the concept of "new retail" has become popular in various industries with the trend of prairie fire. Why does the new retail have such great charm?
It is reported that the growth of users and traffic dividend of traditional e-commerce is gradually shrinking due to the widespread popularity of the Internet and mobile Internet terminals, and the bottleneck of growth faced by traditional e-commerce is beginning to highlight. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the growth rate of online retail sales in China has declined for three consecutive years.

Traditional online e-commerce has inherent shortcomings since its birth, that is, online shopping experience is always inferior to offline shopping experience. Compared with the visual attributes such as visibility, audibility, touch-ability, sensibility and usability of goods or services provided by offline physical stores to customers, online e-commerce has never found a realistic way to provide real scenes and good shopping experience.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to the experience and feeling of the consumption process.
Therefore, exploring the use of "new retail" model to start the upgrade of consumer shopping experience, promote the transformation of consumer shopping mode, and build a full-channel ecological pattern of retail industry will become another beneficial attempt for traditional e-commerce enterprises to achieve self-innovation and development.

In order to promote better development of retail industry and adapt to the trend of the times. At the Alibaba Yunqi Conference in October 2016, Alibaba Mayun first proposed "New Retail" in his speech.
"New Retail" refers to a new retail model in which enterprises upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process of commodities by using advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, relying on the Internet, and then remodel the structure and ecosphere of the industry, and deeply integrate online services, offline experience and modern logistics.

In traditional retail stores, merchants advertise their products with posters. With the consumers' aesthetic fatigue, the improvement of consumption ability and the diversification of brand competition means, static advertisement can not effectively attract consumers' attention. In order to change this situation, many businessmen quote retail LED display to the market, and display products and brand propaganda dynamically through retail LED display. The market is also greatly deepened because of the brand image of retail LED display at the same time and increases passenger flow.

In recent years, with the proposal of new retail, new retail will bring about a revolution in the retail industry. The retail industry ushered in a new retail era.